APP ScanM5X for Android @christian91, ScanTwin

Diagnose and Data logger Marelli 59 and M5A for Ducati, Guzzi, Morini, MV.


Updated : 18/05/2014


It’s a TOOL, not a dashboard.


User Manual





New 1.10:

You can now connect your InnovateMotorSport devices like LC1-LC2-LM2 to ScanM5X via Bluetooth : see How to do

ScanM5X analog calibration instructions






User Manual


The goal of this software is:
- to help with the adjustment of the injection by giving the parameters to carry out the best adjustment,
- to regulate TrimRam (CO) on the ECU which accept it
- to check the good performance of the sensors,
- to log all data and Lambda if possible, export to LogWorks the file.dif
- of reading the defects found or memorized, erasing them memory
- to carry out procedures of “active” diagnoses.

It requires an electronic interface between the Android Smart Phone and the ECU.
It needs ELM327 Bluetooth and Fiat OBD-3pins connexion.


ScanM5X manages the 59 and 5A same manner.
The additional functions on the 5A are, no exhaustive list:
- reset of the indicator of maintenance
- posting speed
- reset of the TPS 
- measurements of the Lambda Sensor.

It seems that all the models equipped with the same ECU are compatible, but nothing is worth a confirmation by a test.

It does not replace the diagnostic tools of the manufacturers because those contain accessories making it possible to carry out more sophisticated analyses of breakdown. And especially it cannot replace either the expert testimony of the mechanics of the networks.

I decline any responsibility as for the consequences for his use.


How to connect ELM327-Bluetooth with ScanM5X


Lors de la première utilisation, ScanM5X recherche les accessoires BT à proximité et propose une liste de choix. Si ELM327 est bien alimenté, il le détecte et vous devez le sélectionner.

Mettre le contact de la moto car la procédure de connexion commence immédiatement.

Si la connexion avec ELM327 est correcte, ScanM5X enregistre le Id de ELM327. Ainsi les fois suivante ScanM5X sélectionnera automatiquement ce device.

Le fichier des ELM déjà utilisés se nomme ScanELM.txt et se trouve sur la carte SD de votre smart Phone. Il peut être modifié manuellement en ajoutant ou supprimant un Id.

Si il y a un seul enregistrement, ScanM5X se connecte directement à cet Id. S’il y en a plusieurs il se connecte à celui qui est découvert.

Pour gérer les cas de multiples Id ELM, le menu « Registre your ELM » du Main Screen permet de changer ou d’ajouter d’autres Id.

Sur certains types de téléphones, la découverte peut échouer. Utiliser le menu « Registre your ELM » pour sélectionner manuellement votre ELM.



 During the first use, ScanM5X seeks the BT accessories in the vicinity and proposes a list of choice. If ELM327 is well fed, it detects it and you must select it.
To switch on of the motor bike because the procedure of connection immediately starts.

Caution: connection is blocked by the ECU if the latency KEY ONE is too long (10sec). ELM327 maintains connection even if ScanM5X is stopped.
If connection with ELM327 is correct, ScanM5X records the Id of ELM327. Thus the following times ScanM5X will select this device automatically.
The file of the ELM already used names ScanELM.txt and is on the internal SD (/scanM5X folder) of your smart Phone.
It can be changed
manually by adding or removing an Id.

If there is a single record, ScanM5X connects directly to the Id. If there are more it connects to that discovered.

To handle cases of multiple Id ELM, the 'Register your ELM "Main in Menu Screen allows you to change or add more Id.

Certain types of phones, the discovery may fail. Use the 'Register your ELM "menu to manually select your ELM.


Main Screen



To change the configuration setting, touch the button on the top (M5A-AFR). See “Setting” to know how to create a new one.




-          Monitor : play sensors in real time

-          DashBoard : play sensors in real time without labels

-          DTC : read and erase defaults

-          Active diag : carry out tests and reset TPS or Service

-          Status : control the status: side crutch, cut contact

-          Trimmer: allows the modification of slaving away


When ScanM5X is connected with ECU via ELM, the type of your ECU is show. Now you can choose one function.



-          Connect

-          Setting (Units and other)

-          Register your ELM *

-          Exit


ScanM5X  discovers all active devices around, connect and stores the ELM Id for the next use. But it does not work with some phones. I added a procedure to select manually the ELM BT paired, bypassing the discovery problem.





Change ELM: Clear the old ScanELM.txt file, store the selected ELM Id. If there is only ONE Id in the ScanELM.txt, ScanM5X will connect directly with this device, without discovery.

Add New ELM: If you have multiple ELM, you can add more Id, but ScanM5X will initiate the discovery process to connect to the one in use. Don’t use if your discovery failed with your phone.


·          Monitor



- RPM : ring per Minute

- TPS (°deg)

- Temp. of Air (°C or °F)

- Temp. Of motor (°C or °F)

- Pressure (mBar ou mmHg)

- Battery (Volt)

- INJ : duration of injection (mS)

- Advance (°deg)

- Lambda*: signal of lambda sensor (Volt, AFR ou Lambda)


* for 5AM only, it’s the signal on pin 22


You can log and save data in a file in the Monitor and in DashBoard screens: ScanLogdd-hhmmss.csv AND ScanLogdd-hhmmss.dif exportable to LogWorks

In the stting you set the coef A and B to display and save the Lambda in mV (A=1 B=0), AFR or Lambda.












Speed (kmh or mph)

            You can use GPS or data from ECU (lower frequency but lower consumption) or neither

TPS (4.2°)

Lambda (22.2)

Engine Temperature (°C or °F)

Ait Temperatue (°C or °F)


If you “Touch” a value you can see the label and Unit

You can log data with the Speed.

Check “Save Log” or Button Volume UP/Down to enable/disable


Progress bar

If the AFR is enabled, the progress bar displays the value.

            You can set the limit of Rich and Lean.

If not, the progress bar display the RMP. The colors depends of Red Zone

            Yellow :  0 to 30%

            Green : 30% to 70%

            Red : up to 70%



Display the gear box ratio




Green = gear engaged

During the learning phase, the background is gray.
The coefficient = how many km/h you run when the motor is at 1000 rpm: 50km/h at 2000rpm => 25km/h at 1000


To acquire, keep the same ratio until that is recognized, from the first to the 6th. It is imperative to respect the ascending order.
When all speeds are known, hit the report (number green)t, this will close the learning phase and record the values
​​in the setting. They are saved in Config file.




It is possible to initialize the coefficients for to start again acquisitions (Menu/Clear gearBox Ratio)





Fuel Consumption


You can choose the units.




LPK : Litres per 100km

KPL : Km per liter

MPG (Miles per gallons), select too your speed with ‘Miles’


How do i calculate consumption:
The flow rate of an injector is 0.330 liters per minute (it seems that all M5A use the same injector)
At every turn (there are two cylinders)
, the ECU injects fuel during the Duration in sec
The amount of fuel injected is par minute x = 0.33 x Duration x 60 x Ring

Distance: Speed
​​/ 60 per minute

Consumption = Fuel / Distance * 100 or Distance / Fuel with the good units.


This formula seems to be correct with my Ducati ST4S (mean from 5.5 to 5.9 liters/100km)



3 types of dashboard


AFR, TPS and no Consumption



No AFR, no TPS, + Consumption




All data




You can see (not see in this picture --) the instantaneous fuel consumption and average consumption

You can reset the average consumption with a function in Menu.






Active diag.


Some tests are possible with ECU Marelli




With 59 use Fan 1, with 5AM use Fan2


You can reset the indicator of service.

You can reset your TPS. The motor must be OFF.


Vehicle Status




To know the state of certain status: Run/Stop, Stand and Clutch


It useful when the bike does not start at the edge of the road, is lived.





You can change the trimmer, but it is useful only if your motor is not in regulation CO in closed loop (M59).





ScanM5X show:

-          RPM real time

-          RPM average: calculated to 20 measures

-          RPM Variation Max – Min to 20 measures or Lambda Value (New 1.05  touch the label to switch)

-          Trimmer read

-          Trimmer target



-          Plus – Minus : change the trimmer changes immediately

-          Save : record the value in the EEPROM of the ECU


If you change the value but not save, the old value will be use next Key ON.







Auto Open : Enables the default window




To create a new configuration, go to the setting, just give it a name like "M5A-AFR". It will be transformed into CfgM5A-AFR.txt file
The name appears at the top of the main page. To change, touch the name and the list of configurations appears. Select. All changes made
​​are then stored in the active config. You can manually change in editor. Do not change the name of the fields.
Name_of_field: Value.
Configurations are recognized by the prefix Cfg, do not delete it. The CfgDefault.txt is essential and may not be erased, but you can change values.



Temperature: °C, °F

Pressure: mbar, mmHg

Speed : kmh, mph


Display Speed from : ECU, GPS or not




The Lambda or AFR is CoefA * VoltageLambdaFromECU + CoefB

Set CoefA = 1 , CoefB = 0

Connect a 1.3v AAA battery between pin22 and GND

Read VoltageLambdaFromECU, Calculate the multiplier

Apply the AFR or Lambda coefficient as a function of sensor type (Narrowband or wideband)




Version apk à installer ScanM5X


La version Playstore n’est pas disponible en ce moment









Discovery failed

Register your ELM in Main Menu


Could not connect

If you see

-          WAIT : the BT connection is disabled

-          Setting ELM : ScanM5X is connected with ELM327 BT but not with ECU

-          “Try ignition OFF/ON” : The ECU does not respond

-          IAW5AM…. : ScanM5X is connected with ECU. Enjoy


BT disabled : check your phone, check the 12V on ELM327 (Led on)

Connected with ELM327 not with ECU : Turn Key OFF/ON, the ignition must be ON < 10sec., check your wires, try Menu/Connect again.


If still no response

Download “ELM327 Terminal” on Google Play, it’s free.

Connect your ELM


Send : atz

ELM327 v1.4 è Your phone is connected with ELM-BT


Send : attpa5



Send 2130


Cut power to the ELM and then power again to initialize the BT communication



Send 2130


UNABLE TO CONNECT : The ECU does not respond

è Turn Key OFF/ON, the ignition must be ON < 10sec., check your wires.


Send 2130

61 30 00 00 è ECU Connected, Enjoy


On board Ducati ST4S



Between the ELM and the diagnostic socket use


ELM327 Minimum compatibility.



Recommended Device (2018)

This iCar is full compatible to true Version 2.1 (ELM327 Identifier)


Old device: Warning: the case is not representative of the compatibility ELM327









cid:image001.jpg@01CF9C83.B6B30C70 Line K = 3, GND = 2




Line K = 7, 4 and/or 5 = GND, 16 = 12V